Monday, October 26, 2009

turkey burger recipe

so i haven't been all that inspired to write as of late, what with the heart walk monster gobbling up my entire life for 3 months and then the subsequent detox that i fear i haven't come out of as of yet. there have been some great strides in my life as of late that i hope to share soon. but as for now, i want to get back to the blogging world. maybe pick up a few more followers, but honestly be a steward of the creative juices that may be. i want to redirect this blog to house several of my ideas, thoughts and favorite things, not just my writing. with this move, i hope to be able to blog more versus waiting in the wings for some magical cue for literary inspiration.

speaking of juices, i want to share with you a great recipe i made up last night for the juciest turkey burgers ever (FOR-E-VER....thanks sandlot). if you know me, you know i love to cook and try out new things. my whole family does and i guess i am trying to keep the trend consistent. i had a friend over for an impromptu dinner which yielded a great recipe. i like using turkey because it is leaner, but this most certainly can be made with beef. measurements will not be accurate, so let your olfactory senses guide the way!

turkey burgers

1 lb turkey meat (i get 50% fat free. the 99% fat free is just too dry. get more meat if you want bigger burgers!)
1/4 cup worcestershire sauce
2 tsp oregano
1/2 cup bread crumbs (for binding)
half an onion, diced (i like vidalia, but maybe i'm partial)
healthy dash of red wine (this is the secret to major juicy heaven)
cheese of choice
pinch of salt
fresh cracked pepper

:::the main register to know the amount of ingredients is correct is by your nose. if it smells too salty, put more bread crumbs in. if it doesn't smell strong enough, add more worcestershire sauce. make it your own, to your tastes! for me, i love lots of worcesterhire and heaps of fresh cracked pepper.:::

mix all ingredients in a medium bowl by hand. take the side of your hand to score the meat into 4 parts to make sure your patties will be a consistent size. take 1/4 of meat and make into a patty. hint: make the center thinner (to be shaped like a blood cell) to make them cook flat and not into a ball. repeat with remaining meat. in skillet, heat olive oil (i love gia russa extra virgin olive oil) on medium for frying purposes. when olive oil begins to ripple, crack fresh ground pepper in the oil to enhance flavor. place the 4 patties in olive oil to cook. flip when you see half the meat cooked up the side. cooking time about 10 minutes (5 minutes/side). do not press the burgers down with spatula or the juices will burst out! once done, place cheese of choice (i like a spreadable swiss cheese by laughing cow) on burger (while still on skillet) and allow to melt. remove from skillet when cheese is melted. dress as you wish. enjoy!